About Us

Being motorsport enthusiasts for many years and having driven quite a few modified cars that were literally home-built in the garage, we realized that there's a need in the market place for other enthusiasts to also reap the benefits of performance modifications.. 

Since 2009 many mods were fabricated and thoroughly tested. We are finally in a position to showcase many of the items that will provide the performance that restrictive parts tend to limit. In 2012 we decided that its time to formalise everything & get a company started which gave rise to "Out There Customs". 

Whether you want to go from stealthy stage 1 mods to hardcore stage 3, we have the right stuff that will get you there. At this stage, parts are limited to two high performance turbo-charged cars. Which are the Mazda MPS (MPS6, MPS3 MK1 & MK2) and the Ford Focus ST250.. 

Being in a very competitive market, both local & internationally, we have tried as far as possible to keep prices as low as possible without compromising on quality of product or service. 

Browse around our products page and see if there's something that you may need, We are awaiting your order.


Work Process

All materials used in the manufacture of our parts are both sourced & manufactured locally to ensure that we can obtain quality products without the additional overhead of imports that attract most costs.  

We have a fully equipped workshop where the fabrication & assembly takes place. During the manufacturing process the products are tested to ensure that we have a zero-tolerance failure rate. 

We have partnered with a local powder-coating company to provide the best quality work at a very competitive price. 

We have also partnered with a local courier company. Shipping to all major centers, and in most cases is free. 

I am in the process of adding an online store and the ability to take international payments. 

Keep checking back regularly too find new products and new features added to the site.