OTC ProTune - Cobb APv3 & Ford Focus ST250

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Do you want to unleash your beast with a totally customized tune for your specific motor and modifications?

Well this is all you'll ever need!

This tune is for two fuels only, 95RON and E30 up until Stage 3 modifications as per Cobb's recommendation.

This tune carries a 1year  support of owner, AP S/N & VIN. ONCEOFF! No need for additional payments when adding hardware :)

Stage 1-3:

If you start off on just a filter to a full stage 3 with an Ethanol tune we will cover any and all revisions. This means if you start off with our stage 1 tune and you later add new hardware, we will customize your tune free of charge. No need to pay those pesky additional charges for tune revisions.

Stock with 95RON(FKW):


Stage 3 + WMI(D05 - 50/50 mix) + E30(FKW):



Upto stage 3 as per Cobb's description;
Water methanol included;
Custom launch control;
Custom flatfoot shifting;
Custom boost per gear settings;
Custom burnout feature;
Custom idle;
Custom BOV/BPV;
5-way map slots configurable to your needs;
Owner, VIN & AP serial number contract(if one breaks out, this service is cancelled);
Once-off fee for 12months support.

Some background:

Accesstuner Pro is engine tuning software created for professional tuning shops equipped with a chassis or engine dynamometer. Accesstuner Pro gives professional tuners the ability to tune an unlimited numbers of vehicles supported within the software. Maps can be locked to prevent tampering and unauthorized distribution. Accesstuner Pro offers powerful OEM ECU tuning capabilities to tune for nearly any engine modification, with outstanding technical support provided by the COBB Tuning Software Engineers and Calibration Specialists that develop and use this software every day.

Accesstuner Pro Features:

  • Access to a large number of tuning tables for full tuning control
  • Unlimited number of Accessport equipped vehicles can be tuned
  • Maps can be locked to prevent customer tampering, unauthorized distribution or inappropriate use
  • Tuning Support: Accesstuner Pro customers have access to Accesstuner Pro Forums to discuss tuning issues directly with COBB Calibration Specialists and other pro tuners
  • Technical Support: Outstanding technical support from the software engineering team and our expert calibrators
  • Integral Data logging: Unlimited data logging of multiple channels of data from the ECU for detailed analysis of engine performance
  • Integral Dashboard: Shows tuner chosen gauges to be displayed on-screen throughout the tuning process
  • Unit Conversion: Ability to easily convert between metric and standard units so the tuner can use units he/she is most familiar with
  • Map Database: Free access to the map database from COBB Tuning that provides excellent starting points for specific modifications
  • Hot Keys: Convenient on-touch short-cut keys allow easy data manipulation of common tuning operations
  • Open Wideband O2 Interface: Integrates with a wide selection of Wideband O2 sensors
  • Embedded Stock Data: Stock tuning data (ROMs) are self-contained inside the software itself, providing the OEM baseline tune for each vehicle supported by the software
  • COBB Tuning provided tuning documentation.
  • R1,895.00

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