OTC EGR Block Off Plate Kit for the CX7, MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED 6. The most inexpensive way to keep carbon and soot
build up from occurring in the DISI engine.
Cut from .062 thick 5052 aluminum this
plate kit is tough enough to do the job
but not so thick that you have to fight
with the EGR tube or run the risk of
stripping bolts during re-installation.
Not only does it allow you to block off
the EGR, with the included plug you can completely remove the EGR tube making the installation easier and it's much less time consuming too. 

Note: There is a possibly of an intermittent CEL from bypassing the EGR system. This will not effect engine performance or longevity. The CEL can be easily cleared with a scan tool such as the MSD DashHawk or the Cobb AccessPORT

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OTC Mazda MPS EGR Delete kit

  • Brand: MAZDA
  • Product Code: mps_egr
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  • R250

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