OTC Mazda MPS BSD Kit & Baffle plate

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OTC Balance Shaft Delete Kit used to remove the balance shaft assembly found on 2.3L front drive application engines.Free up excessive engine rotational drag by removing the balance shaft assembly from your 2.3L engine with the OTC Balance Shaft Delete Kit. The heavy balance shaft assembly can be easily removed allowing your engine to respond faster.There are no adverse effects caused by removing the balance shafts.Includes all necessary components to block the oil feed to the balance shaft assembly in the 2.3L Engine.

In order to install the OTC Balance Shaft Delete Kit you must:

1. Drain oil from car. Remove oil pan. Move or remove oil pick up.
2. Remove balance shaft assembly.
3. Install OTC Balance Shaft Delete Kit.
4. Install oil pick up & oil pan. Fill engine with oil. 
5. Fill engine with oil.

1 Oil Pan Baffle Kit
1 DISI Balance Shaft Delete Kit
Mounting Hardware

  • R950.00

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